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Honoring Our Fallen

Originally published April 30, 2013, on InterAction’s blog.

Every year since 2006, InterAction has honored aid workers from among our member organizations who have lost their lives helping others. We display their names on a memorial that stays in our main conference room year-round.

Tonight, at the Forum 2013 Gala Banquet, we will read aloud the names of aid workers who died in the field in 2012 followed by a moment of silence. The updated memorial will be put back on display when we return to our office later this week.

Violence against aid workers has dramatically increased the last several years, and the names on our memorial represent only a fraction of those lost. Most aid workers who are killed are local staff working in their own communities and countries. While we mourn the 17 lost within InterAction’s membership in 2012, we are at the same time grateful that there are far fewer names for us to add this year than there have been the last few years.

Tonight, we thank our colleagues one final time for everything they did for the people around them. We will miss them, but we will never forget them.


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