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Many Ways To Fight Poverty

Originally published October 15, 2012, on InterAction’s blog.

This Wednesday, Oct. 17, is the UN’s annual International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. This week we’ll be showcasing several blogs from InterAction members on their work around the world.

For InterAction and our members, every day is about eradicating poverty. It’s right there in our mission statement: “Eliminate extreme poverty, uphold human rights, safeguard a sustainable planet and ensure human dignity for poor and vulnerable populations worldwide by elevating and advancing the goals of the U.S.-based international nonprofit community.”

The thing about poverty, though, is that it’s an incredibly multilayered issue. If people are healthier, they won’t have to set aside money for medical costs. If people are well-nourished, they won’t have to worry about the health conditions that come with malnutrition. If people are educated, they’re more likely to have opportunities to support themselves. If people have access to clean water, they’re less likely to succumb to disease and less likely to have to spend hours of their day walking to get water to cook with, wash with or drink. If women and girls have equal rights, they’re more likely to be able to complete their education, their families are more likely to invite them to participate in the household as equals, and households are more likely to put their money to necessities and savings. If communities are more prepared to weather natural disasters, they rebuild more quickly and people get back to their predisaster lives sooner.

We hope you read the stories posted here this week and find as much inspiration in them as we do here at InterAction. Though we don’t work directly with affected communities, we thrive on our members’ success stories in helping people improve their lives, and we’re fiercely proud at how much all of this work makes a difference.

This blog is part of a series in recognition of the UN’s International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, Oct. 17.


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