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Monthly Archives: October, 2012

Working Global, Giving Local

Originally published October 26, 2012, on InterAction’s blog. When I talk about donating, volunteering or supporting a cause, I often get the perplexed response, “But you already work for a nonprofit.” My answer is always, “So?” Yes, I do communications work for InterAction. I try to share the stories of people halfway around the world, …

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Many Ways To Fight Poverty

Originally published October 15, 2012, on InterAction’s blog. This Wednesday, Oct. 17, is the UN’s annual International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. This week we’ll be showcasing several blogs from InterAction members on their work around the world.

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Community Resilience

Originally published October 5, 2012, on InterAction’s blog. How, in today’s world of increasing urbanization, can we better prepare for increasingly frequent natural disasters and extreme weather events? One answer is to focus on communities, said speakers at a recent event dubbed Cities and Climate Change Adaptation: What We Can Learn About Resilience from Those Living …

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