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Forum: Thanks, And Looking Forward….

Originally posted on the InterAction blog on 5/2/12.

Getting to see the last several Forums has been a real privilege for me. Watching it grow, watching how keyed up people get when they come, getting to see new connections made … it makes it worth every drop of sweat that we at InterAction put into Forum.

I’d like to take a moment to thank all of you who are jumping into our multimedia with us. Thanks to the hundreds of you joining us using the #IAForum hashtag, we got our 10,000th Twitter follower yesterday, which was a total high point for Zoe and me (we’re InterAction’s social media cohorts). We’re all really enjoying seeing what you find the most interesting in the various workshops and plenaries. Thanks also to everyone tagging us on Facebook with your Forum experiences. And thank you everyone who agreed to give us a video clip of why you’re here.

I’d also like to give a special shout-out to this year’s Forum photographer, Stephen Elliot (whose photos have been on all my blog posts this week). He’s done a fantastic job capturing everything going on, and has also been a high-fiving source of energy for us staff behind the scenes.

We’re all looking forward to Forum 2013. We’ll be at the same location, the Marriott Crystal Gateway, and it’ll be the same time of year, April 29-May 1. Come join us again next year – we’re looking forward to seeing you again!


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