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Forum: Exploring The Exhibit Hall

Originally posted on the InterAction blog on 5/1/12.

I love the exhibit hall at Forum – it’s such a hub of activity. During exhibit hours, attendees can come and connect with other organizations that can help them grow their work. Last night, we had a rocking happy hour and scavenger hunt there, and it was great to see attendees connecting with each other and finding ways to help each others’ work.

And it’s not always limited to work, either. Last year, someone very dear to me was having serious eye troubles, and one potential diagnosis would lead to blindness. I was representing InterAction at our booth, and right across the aisle from me was the Perkins International booth, a group that works with blind people, so I went over during a lull and just started speaking with them. The representatives talked me through the kinds of help that was available, should it be needed. Luckily, it turned out to be unnecessary, but being able to make that connection was invaluable to me.

But the exhibit hall is also where our most fun events happen. We spend this conference talking about very serious issues, but the times when we can relax and enjoy ourselves happen almost exclusively in that area – in addition to the first day’s scavenger hunt and happy hour, we also have the artisan trade fair the last two days and the reception before the gala tonight. It’s a great networking space, bustling with people, and there’s a lot of information at your fingertips. Be sure to come check it out while you’re here!


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