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Monthly Archives: April, 2012

Forum: Making Connections

Originally posted on the InterAction blog on 4/30/12. One of my favorite things about Forum is connecting with others. As a communications professional, I’m pretty tied to my computer, so Forum gives me the opportunity to meet people I regularly connect with, or catching up with old colleagues who’ve moved on to other organizations. Advertisements

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Forum, Here We Come!

Originally posted on the InterAction blog on 4/27/12. When I realized a few months ago that this would be my fifth Forum as InterAction staff, I’ll admit it kind of blew my mind. It feels like only yesterday that I was starting here, just a few short weeks before Forum 2008. I had no idea …

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Sexy Or Not, Development Matters

Originally posted on the InterAction blog on 4/25/12. If you’re a communications staff person for a development organization, or part of a group that does advocacy on why development is important, you know all too well how difficult it is to get your program’s message heard. Everyone wants the quick, “sexy” solution to helping the …

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Connecting Through Reading

Originally posted on the InterAction blog, 4/12/12. When I was a kid, I loved stories so much that my busy parents started getting me books that came with audiotapes to entertain me while they did boring things like going to work or cooking dinner, and then they read to me and interacted with me at …

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