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Paying it Forward on Thanksgiving

Originally posted on the InterAction blog, 11/23/11.

As Americans prepare for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving holiday, many of us are counting the things that make us thankful. This year, why not find some way of paying it forward? During these economic times, finding the money to make donations can be difficult, but one alternative to a financial donation is to look for programs like the Million Moms Challenge.

ABC News and the UN Foundation launched this initiative Sept. 19 to raise awareness in America of important maternal and child health issues that the world’s poorest mothers face every day, including the struggle for healthy nutrition during pregnancy, the role that trained midwives play in the safe delivery of newborns, and the importance of vaccines in children’s health. The Million Moms Challenge works through two dozen partner organizations on these issues, several of which are InterAction members.

In addition to the challenge’s main goal of raising awareness and building a community in support of these issues in America, some partners have projects that they are either ready to implement or are already implementing, which are also listed on the website.

So, spread the word, join the conversation, check out other ways that you can help on the Million Moms website, and do something that will moms around the world can be thankful for.


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