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Horn of Africa Aid Map: Mapping Disaster Response

Originally posted on the InterAction blog, 9/9/11.

Over the last few years, InterAction has experimented with mapping our members’ projects to promote transparency with donors and the public, and to give our members a tool to help coordinate their work and maximize their impact. Based on previous mapping projects—a pandemic preparedness map and an early version of the food security map—InterAction decided to launch NGO Aid Map to capitalize on our lessons learned. In 2010 we began taking these lessons and planning how to package them into a new kind of aid map.

Twelve days into the year, the earthquake in Haiti immediately became an immense logistical challenge for humanitarian responders. This spurred NGO Aid Map from research into production, and the pilot map later that year was Haiti Aid Map, while we continued to work on Food Security Aid Map, which launched in 2011.

Because Haiti Aid Map had such an overwhelmingly positive response, last week InterAction launched a disaster response map for the Horn of Africa. As with Haiti Aid Map, the severity of the disaster in the Horn of Africa and the complexities it poses for response led us to track both humanitarian and long-term development actions across all sectors, going beyond food security and into programs for food aid, shelter, water and sanitation, and more, including programs that will build resiliency against future crises.

Have you seen Horn of Africa Aid Map yet? Did you find it useful? We’d love to hear your thoughts. We’re working on our mapping initiatives all the time. Here’s what some members in the community have been blogging:


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